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When you want someone to help make your dream yard in Heavener, OK, you can’t just hire anyone who says they can do a great job like Silva Landscaping & Handyman. The easiest way to find out if someone is telling the truth is to talk to your chosen landscaper and ask them questions. Make sure they can give you proof of what they claim as well. Right now, we have made a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) so that if you have any questions, you can easily look at this page to find the answers. You’ll be able get in touch with us in case you have got any extra questions that were not secured here.

What makes your service the company of choice?

Our business started only in 2016, but our team consists of experienced landscapers who have done lots of jobs. We have a combined experience of 6 years. We assist people in the community with achieving their long-term goals for designing the front or backyard of their homes. We know how to use tools and machines to create any design. To achieve this, we have the expertise and experience. We work hard and use good quality equipment. People already know that we are honest, trustworthy, and dependable. We can work with various budgets and adjust our services to meet the needs of everyone. But we don’t just do front yard landscaping. We offer a complete range of services. Later on this page, you may learn more about the services we provide. We use both new and proven methods to make sure all our customers are happy.

Can I ask for a price quote?

Yes, certainly However, because each job is unique, we would appreciate it if you could gather more details about the project. This text can be simplified as follows: “Things such as the kind of service, how hard the task is, how big it is, what materials you want to use, etc. ” Important information is needed to give you a more accurate price. Don’t worry about the price because our rates are very cheap compared to others around here. As a professional hardscape contractor, we don’t ask for money to give you an idea of how much something will cost. Call us now to get your free price estimate today.

How do your warranties work?

The warranties we offer will be based on the specific job or service you hire us to perform. If you want to understand this better, it would be best to talk about it over the phone so you can immediately raise any concerns you have.

How much influence do I have on the design of my landscape?

You have all the power. Ultimately, it is your outdoor space. We are available to support you with your plans. If you have a backyard landscaping project, tell us what you want. Let us know what you want it to look like, what you like, and anything special you want. We can make any project, no matter how big or what features you want, happen for you. Our services may be tailored to match your budget.

Talking to one of our specialists over the phone might be able to provide you with the knowledge or confidence you need to trust our wood chips landscaping company in Heavener, OK if the answers given here are insufficient. Contact Silva Landscaping & Handyman by calling (479) 522-2410 to speak with a member of our team who can resolve your problems and provide you with information.

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